Title Women in the studio

Written by Leonora Casacu & Marina Espinach

Directed by Marina Espinach

Music by Dj AWWZ

Runtime 16’ Year 2022

Genre Documentary, women rights

Produced by Nightwalk Films, Ladradora with the support of Jagërmeister and Aclam Camera Renta

Distributed by Nightwalk Films.

«Women in the Studio» explores the creation of the first album by producer and DJ AWWZ: «LADAH TEMPLE,» an album entirely made by women. They all reflect on feminism in music studios and share their own experiences as artists.


Dj AWWZ, Simona, Kristy V., Demmy Sober, Ange, Leonora Casacu y LaBlackie.

Festivals & Awards

In-Edit Barcelona, 26th Festival de Málaga, Special Mention Award at the «Asserting Women’s Rights» Festival at the Malaga Festival.