Title Nubes/Marshmellows

Directed and written by Edu Escudero

Cinematography by Sandra Formatger

Music by Miquel de Jorge

Year 2023

Genre Drama-Fantastic

Runtime 17’

Produced by Nightwalk Films, Edu Escudero & Lastcrit

Distribution by Selected Films

After his father dies, Noe goes to his house to pick up the suit he will be buried in. Upon arrival, she discovers something that will confront her with the greatest dilemma a daughter can imagine: protect or reveal the secret her father was hiding.


Carol Rovira, Clara Manyós y Toni Sevilla

Festivals & Awards

  • Galacticat X (Spain)
  • Comic-Con Independent Film Festival (USA)
  • Certamen audiovisual de Cabra – premiado accéssit especial (Spain)
  • International sound and music Festival (Croatia)
  • FRAME Film Festival 2023 (Spain)
  • Festival de Cine de Zaragoza (Spain)
  • Semana Cine Fantástico San Sebastián (Spain)
  • Fantastic Gijón (Spain)
  • Linea d’Ombra Festival 2022 (italy)
  • Portobello Film Festival 2023 (UK)
  • Festival Audiovisual Internacional Origen 2023 (Spain)
  • Stockholm City Film Festival 2023 (Norge)