Title L’Artefacte / The Artifact

Written and directed by Berta Canivell

Runtime 15’ Year 2024

Genre Drama/Magic realism

Status In development

Searching for a co-production

Produced by Nightwalk Films.

Lua (14) lives and works with her grandmother Carme (70) at the «Europe» guesthouse. One night, something wakes her up. There’s an artifact floating in the sea. It emits a red glow that enchants her with its flickering.

The next day, there’s no trace of that strange discovery, everything remains the same: the town half-empty with some peculiar characters just passing through. That same night, the Artifact reappears. And Lua manages to communicate through the light. Her curiosity and obsession grow within her. The color red saturates her reality. On the following night, Lua decides to go to the beach, despite it being forbidden due to sea pollution, to approach that Artifact and uncover what it is, satisfying her tremendous attraction towards it.