Title Balika

Directed and written by Aitor Sánchez Smith and Lander Ibarretxe

Cinematography by Lander Ibarretxe

Music by David de la Varga

Genre Documentary, human rights, children

Runtime 63’ Year 2022

Produced by Nightwalk Films.

Distributed by Yaq distribution.

Sales: Feel Sales.

«Balika» tells the story of Dipendra and Sushmita, two teenagers who were abandoned by their families, like many other children, and left in an orphanage in Kathmandu due to extreme poverty. Both of them are faced with making decisions for which they are unprepared. Sushmita decides to spend her first vacation at the orphanage without her family in order to focus on her studies. Dipendra embarks on a long journey to reunite with his father and discover his family and roots.


Dipendra Dangi y Sushmita Jaisi

Festivals & Awards

Premiered at the 25th Festival de Málaga, 25th Festival de Málaga, Festival de Cine de Santander, 31th FCM-PNR de Madrid, FesCinePilélagos, Al 3ste Festival, Santiago del Estereo Film Fest,EtnoVideo Gráfica, Best Feature Film Award at the Iquique Festival, Best Feature Film Award at the PNR Festival, Special Jury Mention at the Festival de Málaga